Shy Beauty

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Name: Aphrodite Renee Williams

Nicknames: Ro


Orientation: Straight

Crush: Jay

Relationship: Jay is her black-winged knight!

Personality: She is really shy. She doesn't like to show her face all that much. She is scared someone will get randomly mad at her because they get jealous of her beauty. She doesn't actually like people being mad at her because she doesn't know how they will act.

Other things: She smokes but she never smokes around people even if she knows them or doesn't. She always hides it somehow. Even right after if a person walks up next to her they won't be able to tell somehow. She has pretty brown eyes and is actually very sweet when she talks. She doesn't talk much though so it will be a surprise when she does.

Her lighters are hidden as plain objects. She has two of them that look like packages of gum. The other one is a bit different though because it looks like the sign they use to make movies where they say 'blah blah blah scene four take one' or whatever and them snap it down.